Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Photographer Cape Town


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What service do you offer?

We specialize in engagement and wedding photography. We also do maternity and family photoshoots upon request. If you are looking for any other service (video, flowers, venues etc) we will happily recommend some - we know great ones.


Do we get 2 photographers?

Yes and, not 1 photographer with an assistant, we are 2 pro photographers. You will both have getting-ready photos; When you are walking down the aisle we take photos of each of you; When one of us is taking photos of you, the other captures the guests' reactions. We continue to shoot together throughout the day.


What is your style?

We spend most of the wedding taking photos of what actually happens - all those natural and spontaneous moments. And, when we feel inspired to create some magic we make it happen.


Browse through our wedding highlights for some examples and inspiration to get those wedding bells ringing.


How do we get the best wedding photos ever?

Have fun and we'll do the rest :)


Can we meet with you?

Yes, we would love to. 


Planning the perfect wedding is all about timing. We will help you to do that by sharing all the tips we've learned over the years. 


Being a good wedding photographer is more than just being able to take photos, it is about being a friend and advisor to your clients in order to make their wedding day run smoothly. When that happens getting great photos is easy!



How far in advance should we book you to photograph our wedding?
This is a question we get a lot, especially from newly engaged couples. 


We only do a certain amount of weddings each year so that we can give our clients the best possible service. Therefore, spaces are limited.


You have to keep in mind that as you look around there are a whole lot of other excited couples also shopping around and it's first-come-first-served. So, when you see what you want, book it before someone else does.


How far do you travel for weddings?

To infinity and beyond.


We do a lot of weddings in Cape Town (Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Paarl, Franschhoek, Durbanville, Camps Bay) and all over the Western Cape and throughout South Africa.


We have also done some weddings abroad and we are always up for new adventures.



How much time do we need for photographs on our wedding day?

Always start your day by planning it backwards from sunset. Your couple photoshoot should end as the sun goes down. You can search it online and Google will give you a list of websites that will tell you the exact time of sunset on your wedding day. Also, double-check with the venue. For example, if the venue has hills or forests next to it they will block the sun even before it is down. So, chat with them and see what they suggest.


The amount of time we will require for each part of your wedding will vary depending on what it is that you want. We will discuss this with you during our meeting or you can contact us now.


If we are not in Cape Town at the moment, can we meet closer to the time of our wedding?
Yes, we can meet closer to the time, but it is recommended that we arrange the meeting far in advance as we will have to make time for it and add it to our calendar. In some instances, it happens that our clients are not around prior to the wedding. If this is the case we make the most of all the amazing technologies available and we chat via Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, and the list goes on.



Do you offer photo albums?
Yes, we offer hardcover photo albums with soft pages or hard pages in sizes A3, A4, and A5. We can send you the info on the books as well as our other products when you contact us.

How will we receive our wedding photographs?USB drive. And, they will be in a standard JPG format. Your wedding package can be collected or delivered by courier - whichever is most convenient for you.

Do you do engagement photoshoots in Cape Town?
Yes, we love to do engagement photoshoots with our couples! It is great practice for your wedding day and it is nice for us to spend some extra time with you before your wedding day. You can also use your engagement photographs for your save-the-date invites and wedding venue decor. 



As the photographer, what advice would you give us when planning our wedding?

All the advice we could give is here on our website - see the Useful Info page and scroll down to Wedding Planning Tips. 



What is the general order of a wedding day?

About 95% of weddings run in the same order. If you have a wedding that is out of the ordinary then we are happy to discuss that with you and figure out what will work best. The following information outlines how most weddings go. You can use this as a guideline if you need help with your planning or just to visualise the sequence of events.


Read through all of our great wedding planning tips and advice


1. We'll start by arriving at your wedding reception venue. Ideally, the reception hall will be set up and ready for us to go in and take photos of the decorations before your guests get in there.


2. We then head over to the Bride and the Groom for the getting-ready photos. We also like to do some photos of you when you are ready and looking your best.


3. At the wedding ceremony venue, the Groom welcomes the guests and takes his position at the end of the aisle.


4. The Bride walks down the aisle towards her Groom and the ceremony proceedings take place.

5. Having kissed and sealed the deal, you sign the register, and the guests throw you with confetti.

6. If you want a group photo of all of the guests together we do it at this point followed by family and bridal party photos.


7. Now it's time for the real romance to begin. We get you guys alone for your couple photoshoot and hopefully some golden sunset photos.

8. The party has usually kicked in already by this point and it's the perfect time for your grand entrance. 

9. Speeches, cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet, tossing the garter, first dance, father and daughter dance, guests letting loose on the dance floor to classic fun songs. 


10. All your friends and family party the night away in celebration of your marriage.



How much do you charge?

It varies depending on the day/month/year you choose.


Contact us via our website and we will get back to you with all the info.



How do we book you for our wedding?

When you contact us we will reply with all the info you require to make the booking.


If you have any questions that aren't covered here, feel free to contact us.