Wedding Planning - Choosing Your Venue

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Couples often ask us, "what should we look for when choosing our wedding venue?"

Obviously our advice is mostly from a photography point-of-view as we want to provide you with the best possible wedding photos on the day. When taking most photographs we will generally try to avoid direct sunlight and also dark areas. With that in mind you are now ready to visit some venues...

When you arrive at a venue you will most likely know immediately whether you like it or not. Now you must walk around and find nice spots for taking photos. Talk with the venue owner / manager, they will have experience and knowledge of the area and the weddings held there at different times of the year. Find out where the sun will be positioned at the time of day and month of your wedding - this will enable you to see the possibilities for shade at the venue.

Variety is the spice of life and the spice of photoshoots. If the venue only has fields surrounding it and nothing else then fields may be great for a few photos, but you probably don't want all of your photos to be just that. Ideally a venue should have some buildings, trees, vineyards, fields, hills, gardens, and so on - it doesn't have to have everything but the more the better.

Who knows what Mother Nature will provide on your wedding day, the most important thing is that you plan so you have different options. Having a venue with lots of sheltered areas outdoors can provide options come rain or shine. Inside areas should be well lit - bigger and brighter rooms equal better photos.

Your photos will last forever and the quality of those photos will be largely down to the choices you make when planning your wedding. For more advice see our Wedding Planning Tips page.

We hope this helps you in preparation for your dream wedding!

If you take these things into consideration then all that will be left to do is have fun and smile :)

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