Engagement Photoshoots in Cape Town

A photoshoot is the best way to celebrate your engagement. You can use the photos for your save-the-day invites, your wedding reception decor, and if you get a coffee table book of your wedding photos you can include your engagement photos at the start.

I don't think there is anywhere more beautiful and with as much variety to chose from as Cape Town. Whether you want forests, vineyards, beaches, mountains, Cape Town has got it all.

Changing outfits throughout the photoshoot is a simple way to add variety to the photos and to show your styles and personalities. Be as creative as you want to be, it is your love story and you know it best, so let your imagination go wild. You can even bring props to make it more fun or romantic. If you are looking for inspiration then browse the internet for ideas.

If you have never had professional photos taken then it is great practise so when your wedding day arrives you are familiar with it and you get to know your photographer, who will be by your side on your wedding day, a little bit better.

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