Funny Wedding Snaps

When you look back on the photos of your wedding, not only do you want to remember your experience but using modern technology to your advantage you can now also find out what your guest got up to when you weren't looking...

Having a great wedding photographer is a must if you want your wedding captured in a stunning way, telling the story of your first day together as husband & wife.

A photographer may be able to get some candid shots of the guests mingling and having fun, but their main focus will obviously be to follow the bride and groom, as it is their special day. But, with so much technology geared towards documenting anything and everything, there's many things you can do to get your guests involved with the fun.

Here's some creative things our clients have done...

1. Leaving disposable camera's on the tables for their guest to play around with.

2. Having an app made that guest could download and add their photos to an online album.

3. Using a unique wedding hash tag on Twitter for guests to share photos from their own devices.

4. A GoPro camera attached to a drone hovering above the outside ceremony and later passed around the reception hall. many funny and exciting options. Let your imagination loose and your guests wander. Then, sit back see what memories they create for you


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