Summer Wedding Secret

Are you getting married this summer? Yes? I bet you're sitting now relaxing, sipping a cocktail, and whistling happily until you're day arrives? No, you've not booked anything yet and you don't know where to start! Don't worry, you're not alone. Many people get engaged and get married all within the space of a few months.

The question is how many good venues and service providers are left for you to choose from? Well, the good news is Cape Town has loads of great ones. And, there may be cancellations and changes to bookings so you might just get lucky. But there's something else, a secret something that most other couple's don't get to find out...

Almost everyone wants to get married on Saturday and they're always the first days to book out for that reason. This can work in your favour and lead to you discovering a little secret that not everyone knows about or considers...

The Secret: a lot of venues and suppliers give discounted rates for weekday weddings. In the summer, this is no problem for your guests as they'll be on holiday too and looking for any excuse to party. Not only will you save financially, leaving more money left in the honeymoon fund, but this will dramatically increase the chances of the venue and service providers that you really want being available. And each year your anniversary will fall on a holiday - how cool is that!

Lastly, here's another important tip for you: Summer here is hot, sometimes very hot, so avoid having your guest sitting in the sun in their suits and dresses. If you have to, then provide sunbrellas, fans, and lots of refreshments (even a fun ice cream van) to keep them happy and hydrated.

If you have any questions or just need some advice regarding planning your big day, please feel free to contact us.

Have fun x

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