Why To Do An Engagement Photoshoot...

Why to do an engagement photoshoot...

1). It is a great opertunity to get to know your photographer/s after all you will be spending your entire wedding day with them so you want to make sure that they make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

2). It is a practice round before the big day. This way you can see what works and what doesn't. It also makes you and your partner look more relaxed in your wedding photos because by the time your wedding arrives you guys are natruals in front of the camera!

3). You can use the photos for wedding invites, save the dates or as part of the decor for your special day. Have a big photo printed out and all your guests write you a little message on it!

4). It looks lovely if you have a Coffee Table Book with your wedding photos, some couples start the book with their engagement photos and then the wedding photos. This looks really cute!

5). It gives you peace of mind knowing that you chose the right photographer :)

6). It is so much fun and why won't you want great photos together!

What we recommend for engagement photoshoots is try to think of a theme or a style that you like and go with that. Something that expresses your love for each other and that show your personalities. Be creative!

Once you have decided on a style/theme start looking for a location that you think would compliment that. When you find your perfect location start picking out outfits. You can wear as many different outfits as you want, this way all your photos won't be in the clothes. When deciding on what to wear, think timeless, classic, smart & simple.

Don't wear clothes with brand names, pictures, or crazy paterns as this ages your photos very quickly.

Bring along props or anything that has a special meaning to the both of you, this gives you a bigger variety of photos.

If you have any questions or want to book your enagement photoshoot with us send us an email : info@zandridupreez.com or click here.

We look forward to capturing your special moments :)


Zan & Kev

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