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Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Our weekend was amazing, beautiful and busy filled with a wedding, meetings with our future brides & grooms and a few photoshoots as well :)

Today I wanted to do a litle blog post on Cofee Table Books, we have a few different styles and sizes. Here is just one example for you all to see.

We have :

*soft cover soft pages

*hard cover soft pages

*hard cover hard pages

We always recommend these beautiful Coffee Table Books to all our clients. It is nice to get a disc/flash drive with your wedding photos to put on facebook or send to friends and family. But it is a different story having them printed out in a beautiful book where people can page through them. It has a special feel when you see them printed out, and it makes a beautiful addition to any coffee table. We know almost everything is online and digital these days and that's why getting your own love story printed in a book is like a fairytale!

For more info on the different kinds of books or wedding photography packages please send us an email at or via our website :

Have a beautiful day everyone!

Lots of love

Zan xx

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