Wedding-Day-Timeline, Made Easy!

As wedding photographers, we are always being asked for tips on how to plan out a wedding day so that everything runs smoothly and with enough time for those all-important photos :)

Well, don't worry, help is at hand. We have some great tips for you...

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1. Photos of Your Wedding Venues & Decor

We first photograph the decor of the ceremony and reception areas before any of the guest get in and move things around. If possible, have everything setup before we arrive. We also test any lighting that may be required for areas that are too dark. All of this takes about an hour.

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2. Magic is in the Details

We take photos for both the Bride and the Groom. We start with photographing your details, e.g. wedding shoes, wedding dress, flowers, earrings, wedding rings, garter, perfume, veil, suit, tie, shoes, watch, cuff links, etc. To make it go smoothly, have everything laid out when we arrive. This takes about 30 mins.

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3. Hair and Make-up

I take photos of you getting hair and make-up done (by this time they have started already with hair and make-up and this will just be the final touches). We take photos of the groom and groomsmen interacting and then get dressed. This takes about 30 mins. Make sure make-up and hair ladies start early enough to be finished on time.

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4. Bride & Groom Getting Dressed

Now you are ready to get dresses, put on your shoes, jewelry, perfume, garter, veil, etc (bridesmaids to be already dressed at this point to help you get dressed). Groomsmen and groom get dressed. This takes 30 min.

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5. Bridal Portraits & Groom Portraits

At this point, I will take photographs of the bride by herself (all the beautiful bridal portraits) and Kevin takes photos of groom by himself. If there is enough time, I take some photographs of bride with the bridesmaids. And, Kevin does the same with the groom the groomsmen. This takes about 30 mins.

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*So far, this equally 3 hours - if everything is completed on time.

6. Ceremony Time

Your wedding ceremony will be followed by the signing of the wedding register. Then the throwing of the confetti and people congratulating you. This all takes 45 - 90 minutes, depending on the length of your ceremony.

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7. Big Group Photo

We love to take a group photograph of everyone at the wedding - if the venue has enough space. If you want a group shot, have your Minister or MC announce to everyone after the ceremony where and when it will be taking place. This takes about 10 min - if everyone listens, haha.

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8. Family Photos

Decide how many combinations of family photos you want. Make a list of them and give it to your MC. They will help to get everyone together while we start taking the photos. Doing it this way makes everything flow nicely.

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9. Bridal Party Photos

It is now time to have fun with your closest friends, i.e. your bridesmaids and groomsmen. This takes about 15 - 30 min.

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10. Couple Photoshoot

This is our favourite part of the day and your first time alone taking photos as HUSBAND & WIFE!

When planning the time for your couple photoshoot, ask your venue what time the sun sets during the month you are getting married. Make sure we have enough sunlight time to take photos - you don't want to run out of light before the photos are done. Also, take into account any mountains / hills / forests behind which the sun will set behind earlier than expected. When you speak to your venue - with years of experience - they will know. We recommend about 1 hour. But, it is good to leave a bit more time in case something earlier in the day runs late. Remember, the more time we have with you, the better the photos will be.

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11. Reception / Party time

Every wedding from this point is slightly different. It is up to you guys how you want to lay it out. It usually begins with the MC welcoming the couple and a short speech explaining any rules and order of proceedings.

Starters are served.


Main Meals

Cutting Cake

Garter toss & bouquet toss

First dance

One thing we would definitely recommend is leaving the dancing until the very end. You don't want all the guests to start dancing and then having to stop and then start again - it kills the vibe. So, leave it until last and then everyone can really let loose.

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12. Less Travel = More Fun

All of the above info is based upon weddings where everything is happening within the same area. Travel times of more than 10 - 15 minutes can result in delays. If you have to travel, make sure to plan that traveling time into your day.

This blog can be used as a guideline. If you have any questions regarding the planning of your wedding-time-line, please feel free to contact us and we will help you figure it out :)

We hope this helped. Happy planning!

Lots of Love,

Husband & Wife Wedding Photography Team

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