How to plan the best wedding reception?

The wedding rings are on, the paperwork is signed, and the ceremony is complete. You've been thrown with confetti. You've posed for pictures with all your family and friends. You had fun and photos with your bridal party. And, you've just spent a lot of time kissing during your romantic couple photoshoot. Now, it's time to get the party started. But how do you plan it in a way that makes it enjoyable for everyone?

Your guests will be happy as longs as they are well fed, comfortable, and entertained

If your wedding has been planned well then your guests will have been constantly entertained and fed up until this point. If so, you can go straight into the speeches once you enter the reception area. If not, then serve the starters immediately. Hungry guests will not be an enthusiastic audience.

Never assume what the weather will be like

Plan for every scenario. We have had cold weddings in the middle of summer with guess huddling around heaters and sharing blankets. And we have had hot weddings in winter in buildings with no air-conditioning.

Make sure your venue has suitable heating and cooling so that whatever happens your guests will be comfortable.

One piece of advice

Open the dance floor at the very end and then keep it open. When you do your first dance, all the guests will gather round and watch. After a few minutes you will invite all the other couples to join you. At this point, all of the guests will start dancing and the dance floor will be packed. If you then stop the music to cut the cake or throw the bouquet, you will never get the dance floor full again. If you really want your reception to turn into a great party then you will dance at the very end and keep the music going.

Order of events

Here's a typical running order of a reception:

Bride & Groom enters MC introduction Starters Speeches Main meal Cutting the cake Throwing of bouquet and garter First dance Dancing...

We hope this helps you. If you have any questions, check out our useful tips page or contact us.

Happy wedding planning :)

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