Secret: How to get great wedding photos

Your wedding day is approaching and it's almost your turn to be the centre of attention. But you're worrying that you don't know how to model. Panic is setting in...

groom carrying bride sunset wedding photo cape town wedding photographers zandri du preez photography

- groom carrying his bride at sunset.

How to pose for wedding photos?

Don't worry. We've done this before. You are in good hands!

About 95% of our clients, when meeting with us, say something like "I'm not good in front of the camera" or "I don't want to pose, I just want natural shots". They are all surprised to find out that they are not alone in the way that feel.

Being in front a camera is not a natural thing. No-one has a connection with a camera, after all it is just an object.

If you go through our portfolio or Facebook page, you will find wedding photos of brides and grooms smiling, laughing, kissing, and having a great time. As you look at those photos now remember that most, if not all, of those couples were - in the beginning - concerned with how they would be in front of the camera. So, how is it that they ended up with such great photos? And how is it that they look so comfortable doing it?

There's a secret...

groom kissing bride cape town wedding photographer zandri du preez photography

- groom kissing his bride.

The secret to getting great wedding photos

Okay, I'll tell you...

If you don't have a connection with the camera then what do you have a connection with? Yes, you guessed it; you have a connection with the person standing right next to you - the person who loves you. A once-in-a-lifetime connection. A connection so strong that you want to be married to that person, forever

If you have a great time and we have a great time, the photos will look great!.

So there it is... Simple... All you have to do is focus on your 'other half'. And, as we always say "when in doubt, cuddle and kiss" :)

How to get natural shots?

For the couples that don't want to be posed. It never works out that way. After 2 minutes they've ran out of ideas themselves and usually stand next to each other with they're arms by their sides or scratching their heads and asking us for help.

No-one really likes to pose... Well, maybe some people :) But the point is not to pose but to interact with each other - that is when the 'natural moments' happen. It's your first photos together as husband & wife - very special moments.

We like to simplify things and have fun during the photoshoot. So, you have a great time, and we'll do the rest. Easy!

Engagement photoshoot = perfect practice

If you still feel unsure, we recommend doing an engagement photoshoot first. It is the perfect practice for your wedding day. Not only do you get used to the whole process, but you also become familiar with us. And, when you're wedding comes around it's a piece of cake (wedding cake) :)

Contact us to book your engagement photoshoot.

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