Useful Tips: Getting ready

The getting-ready photos are really special. The big moment is just around the corner. You have planned and waited for this for so long. It's just you and your closest friends and siblinings. The excitement is setting in. I think, I can hear wedding bells...

Like all parts of the day, all we want is for you to be having as much fun as possible. The more you are enjoying yourself, the better the photos will be. Having photographed so many weddings, we have experienced ones that have been so relaxed and the Bride and Groom have had lots of time to enjoy it and take in every precious moment. We have also, unfortunetly, experience ones where the opposite has happened. Some things can't be predicted, but most things can be prevented with these useful tips...

1. Get dressed close to each other and very close to the venue. The last thing you want is to spend precious minutes of your wedding day stuck in a traffic and travelling.

2. When the photographer arrives, the Bride's hair and make-up should be almost complete. You won't want photos of the entire process, just the finishing touches.

3. Make sure you request and follow your photographers recommended timeline for photos. This is probably the first time you have ever had a photographer with you when you are getting dressed. If so, listen to their advice.

Happy planning :)


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