Useful Tips: Wedding Ceremony

We wanted to give you some more useful tips for planning your wedding ceremony.

Here's some things to consider that will help you to get hitched without a hitch...

romantic wedding poses sunset cape town

Getting married in the sunshine

If you are planning your wedding outside, the really good news is that Cape Town is one of the best places to do it - 99% chance of sunshine :)

If the sun is shining on your ceremony, make sure you are not standing facing it directly. Sunlight will create shadows on your face and cause you to frown - not a good look. Make sure both of you are turned away from the sun as much as possible - anything is better than facing it directly. Another reason, and a good one, is that newly-applied makeup and bright sunshine don't mix.

It's time for your Hollywood-movie kiss

Okay, so let's fast-forward a little bit. You've safely made it down the aisle and you are standing next to your 'chosen one'. So, what's next on this exciting wedding adventure?

Your first kiss as husband & wife is a very special moment. It will probably be the first time you are kissing in front of a large audience, and with all your family and friends watching. Are you getting nervous yet? lol. With all the excitement, you will probably kiss quickly - much quicker than you realise. But, make sure it's not quicker than the shutters of the cameras.

Make your first kiss last, even do two kisses if you want. A longer kiss will give the photographers time to get a few different shots. This is something you can practise leading up to the wedding - your homework :)

We also find that a really great Hollywood-movie kiss gets the crowd going and the party atmosphere started.

Yes, I do. Now, put a ring on it

The magical circle of life, aka. the wedding ring, will be placed on the finger you have been saving it for. Yes, another special and important moment to be captured and cherished.

So, something else you can practise is putting the rings on. It sounds simple enough... But, don't cover the ring completely with your fingers, as the photographers won't be able to see it. Slide it on nicely using two fingers - one on either side. And, don't hold your hands up too high when you put the rings on as this will also restrict the photographers view of it.

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Happy Planning :)


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