Useful Tips: Photos and Social Media

Having all your family and friends there to celebrate is what makes your 'special day'.

They will be excited. They will all have phones and cameras. It's a great thing - so many more memories captured. But, here's a few things to consider...

Your photographer probably won't mind either way if your guests take photos. If they are like me, all they want is for you to be happy. Yes, at certain times they may request "no flash photography" if it is going to interfere with their equipment. But, apart from that, it's usually not an issue.

The main reason I am sharing this info with you today is so you can make informed choices when planning your wedding.

Gone are the days of developing photos and collecting them the next week. Today, everything is instant and ready to be shared with the world. With that brings new challenges and things to consider...

I have heard people say "My friend posted a photo of me at my wedding onto Facebook. I was blinking in the photo and the light was terrible. I wish...".

I want to help you avoid such things...

Sharing online before the official wedding photos

Nowadays, almost everyone has a phone with a camera. Some couples embrace this and welcome their guests to hashtag and upload onto social media. Others dread the thought of a photo taken by their aunty on her smartphone being the first one the world gets to see. Or, having their cousing stearing their tablet in front of them as they're walking down the aisle.

You've chosen your dream dress and your hair and makeup is done exactly how you wanted - everything is perfect. And, perhaps you want the photography to do it justice.

So, some want the first photos online to be the professional ones taken by their photographer.

If you are in the latter category, have an announcement to inform your guests of your wishes. Some people encourage it at certain times and not at others. It's really up to you.

Technology changes so quickly

The phones and tablets that the guests will be holding will most likely appear in photos taken by your wedding photographer. The latest smartphones might look slick and modern now, but in a few years they will be dated technology. Do you want those devices in your wedding photos? Remember those old 'brick' mobile phones with the large aerials? Pretty cool in their day, huh? Not so much now, lol. The same will be said in future about the devices we use now.

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Happy Planning :)


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