Useful Tips: Wedding Reception

Do you want your wedding to end with a great party and dancefloor full of people? Yes? Then this blog is a MUST read!

After all the formalities are out of the way, the reception is where you will really get to mingle with all your guests freely for the first time. The last thing you probably want is for the majority of your guests to start leaving at this point.

What makes a great wedding reception?

In our opinion, a well-planned and successful wedding reception is one where, at the end, the dancefloor is packed and everyone is having a great time. But, on many occasions, it just doesn't happen - none of the guests dance. It's got little to do with the crowd of people or the DJ's choice of music and everything to do with how you go about planning the order of events.

It's time for your first dance

Every time we have been to a wedding and the dancefloor was empty, the couples made the same mistake when planning. We tell all our clients about it prior to their weddings. And, in the instances where they haven't followed the advice, many of them say afterwards, "we wish we had listened. No one danced". We don't want that to happen to you, so we feel it's our duty to share this advice with you.

Wedding reception timeline

So, let me explain this. Let's say you cut the cake, throw the bouquet and garter, do the first dance, in that order. After your first dance, you will invite everyone else to join you. Everyone will start dancing and continue dancing. But, let's say you cut the cake, do your first dance, STOP the music to throw the bouquet, and then the dancefloor opens. If you do it in that order, when the dancefloor is opened, it will be empty and most likely stay empty. You might get a few keen dancers on there, but you will miss the vital opportunity to get the majority dancing. Perhaps you've never considered this - I know we hadn't. But, it is something we have observed over time.

Celebrate good times

It's all phycology... Imagine you walk into a nightclub and the dancefloor is empty. Unless you are a confident dancer, you probably won't jump straight on there and start busting moves. But, if you walked into that same club and the dancefloor was packed, you wouldn't think twice about jumping in there. In fact, you would feel like the odd-one-out if you didn't. And that's the key thing. Most people follow what the majority will do.

It's party time!

So, if you want everyone to be dancing and having a great time at the end of your wedding, do the first dance at the end and then invite everyone to join in. Better still, have the MC announce for everyone to join you on the dancefloor. This combined with a DJ who knows how to keen people dancing will be a recipe for a great celebration.

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Happy planning!

Zandri :)

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