Engagement Photoshoot Tips

Doing an engagement photoshoot is not only a great way to celebrate your engagement but also great practise for your wedding day.

Feeling comfortable in front of the camera

Most couples we meet say something like "we aren't good in front of the camera" or "we don't like having our picture taken". If this is you then don't worry, what you are feeling is normal. Unless you have experience as a model, the idea of having your photo taken by a professional photographer can seem daunting. But, although you are not used to it, we are. Doing weddings and engagement photoshoots is not just about knowing how to use a camera and frame the perfect shot. It's about knowing how to work with people - to make them feel comfortable - and to turn normal situations into magical moments. This is what we do and this is the real skill that is required to be a wedding photographer.

Perfect practise for your wedding

We often do engagement shoots with couples before doing their wedding. And, with the others we just do the wedding. The ones who do the engagement photoshoot are so much more relaxed when it comes time for the wedding. They have already spent time with us, got to know us a little, and are used to being around us and how we work. So, when the wedding day arrives it is just us, nothing scary, just more fun.

Many couples also include the engagement photos within the reception venue decor at their weddings.

Want to do an engagement photoshoot?

Here's some advice...

1. Choose one location: we can recommend areas to go to that have lots of variety. So, although you're choosing one location, the photos will be interesting and diverse.

2. Dress the part: you're going to look back at these photos for a long time. We recommend dressing smart-casual, but never casual - no flip-flops and brands. The smarter you dress the more timeless, classic, and elegant the photos will be.

3. More than one outfit: engagement shoots usually last 45 minutes. That gives plenty time to change into a second outfit. We recommened wearing the smartest of the outfits last when the sunset photos are being taken.

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Happy planning :)


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