Useful Tips: wedding reception order of events

Today, I'm going to share with you some useful tips that will help you to know how to plan your wedding reception...

We have attended weddings that have gone smoothly and everything was done in time. We have also attended weddings that went way over time and nothing seemed to get done.

Like I always say, 'it's all in the planning'.

But, to plan things well you need to know what the options are...


Some couples do their first dance when they enter the wedding reception. It is a grand entrance and really gets the party atmosphere going. If you want to do it later then do it at the very end. After your first dance the other guests join in and the dance floor officially opens and stays open.


Some people cut the cake as soon as they enter the reception. This can be a good time to do it as you will have everyone's attention. If you do it later, then do it just after the main meal and before the throwing of the bouquet and garter.


Do this before the first dance. If you do the first dance and then throw the bouquet, this means you have to stop the music and it kills the vibe. If you do it before, like I mentioned, then after the first dance everyone starts dancing and the party really gets going.


Make sure that each person who is doing a speech knows how much time they have. And, have the MC make sure they stick to the time. You don't want the speeches to delay everything else that follows. When you first enter the reception the MC can do an introduction. After that you should serve the starters before doing the majority of the speeches because you don't want a hungry audience.


If you are having a buffet, usually the tables will take turns to go up so everyone doesn't rush at once. This means that people are waiting at their table for their turn to go and get food. This is the perfect opportunity for you to have photos with them. For example, have the MC invite table 1 to come over and have a photograph with the Bride & Groom, and then after the photo they go to the buffet. Then, the MC calls up table 2 and so on. This is a really good way to control the flow of people going to the buffet.

If you want to have more casual photos with the guests then an option is when the dancing has started you go around and just grab people and have a photo with them.


Remember to leave enough time for each thing. The further you spread things apart the longer it will take.

Discuss what you want to do with your photographer and let them guide you.

Please share this blog and feel free to contact us if you require any further wedding planning tips.

Happy planning :)


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