Useful Wedding Tip: Working with sunlight

Cape Town has to be one of the best places in the world to have a wedding. You are almost guarenteed sunshine. But, direct sunlight and photography are not the best of friends. So, here's a few tips...

cape town wedding planning tips

Here's an example of a beautiful photo of a couple taken out in the sun, but not facing the sun.

1. Never stand directly facing the sun during your ceremony. It will cause you to frown, cast shadows on your face and ruin your makeup.

2. The more you turn away from the sun the better your ceremony photos will look.

3. If there's an option for shade, do it. Cape Town can get quite hot and your guests won't want to get all sweaty in their nice clothes.

4. If there's no option for shade, think sunbrellas, fans, and water to stay hydrated.

5. The best time for photos is the hour leading up to sunset. This is when your couple photoshoot should take place.

Happy planning :)


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