Wedding Planning Tips: Best venues for photos

Everyone wants to have great wedding photos. But some people's wedding photos look better than others and there's a simple reason for this: they choose venues that are good for photos.

So what makes a venue suitable for taking photos?

First impressions don't always count

When you arrive at a venue you will be doing so as a couple who have probably never been married before and don't really know what to look for in a great wedding venue. You might be amazed by the building and their packages may include everything you're looking for. But if the venue isn't good for photos it all means nothing. You don't want to choose a great photographer and then a bad location. Give your photographer a chance and choose a great location for them to work in. So don't go by your first impression without considering a few things...

Think like a wedding photographer

Look around to see how much vatiety it offers. This shouldn't take you long to do. In fact, you could probably save yourself the trip and figure that out just by looking at their website. If the venue is a building on top of hill surrounded by nothing but fields, then your photos are going to be nothing but fields. Photographers want options: fields, forests, mountains, vineyards, lakes, interesting architecture, etc, etc. And the more your venue has the better.

Just in case

The venue needs to have options for when the weather isn't playing along. If it is raining, too windy, or even too hot you may have to change things around and move indoors. So your venue needs to be able to handle this.

I see the light

Avoid buildings that are too dark and cramped inside. That's all I have to say about that.

The precious sunset

I'm sure some people don't ever consider this but, which direction is the venue facing? Sometimes we go to a venue and we say 'It would be great if the whole thing could be turned around to face the other way.' It is almost as if some of the venues were built without any thought as to which way the sun moves throughout the day. If every part of the venue is exposed to the sun all day long then it means there's absolutely no escaping the sun during your wedding. Direct sunlight is a wedding photographers worst nightmare. It's too harsh on people's faces and everyone just frowns and looks mad in the photos - not a great look. Shade is good, shade is your friend.

Sunset is the part of the wedding the photographer loves the most. Finally the light is perfect and every picture they take looks brilliant. So when we arrive at a venue and see that there's a large hill or forest or something that is going to block the sunset, we have a little cry to ourselves for a moment and then get back to work. So pack your compass in your bag when you go venue hunting, or download an app.

Of course, it is possible to drive somewhere else if your venue isn't great for photos. Just make sure you leave enough time for that if it's what you want to do.

Location, location, location

Everything I mentioned above applies to every venue you choose from where you are getting dressed to where you are doing the final dance.

Happy Planning :)


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