Who are the best service providers?

Choosing your wedding photographer and venue may be your first steps when planning your wedding. But, it's important that you get the best of everything. And, when I say the best, I mean professional and reliable.

You don't want to be late for your ceremony because the hair and make-up took too long; a videographer who gets drunk at the reception; a D.J. with crackly mics and faulty equipment. No, no, please no.

Let me help you out. I've worked with so many different service providers that I really appreciate it when I come across a good one. I've seen too many days soured by unprofessional people, and that is why I am happy to recommend the great ones I know.

Great service providers always have similar personality traits: friendly and calm (no matter what). And you only get to know who those people are when you see them handling situations with ease.

If this is something you need help with then feel free to ask. I have a nice list of every fantastic service provider I have worked with...

Here's a heads-up: Whether it is me or someone else who is recommending people to you, always make sure to ask if the person you are booking is actually the person who you will be getting for your wedding. Some service providers outsource or hire others to do work for them, so it is something you need to make sure of.

So, who are the best service providers? Well, that's a matter of opinion. But, for me, it is the ones I have witnessed doing a fantastic job in a fantastic way.

Do you need more wedding planning tips? Check out the useful tips page my website and previous blogs.

Happy planning :)


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