Do you have friends who are engaged?

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions...

We mostly do engagement photoshoots on Sundays because most people are off work and it is the day of the weekend we are least likely to be doing a wedding. We can only do one engagement shoot per day as the optimal time for this is during the hour leading up to sunset. We only have a few spots left available this year. So, if you know someone who is engaged or perhaps about to be, please share this email (or the link below) with them so that we can celebrate their love properly, with a beautiful photoshoot.

Frequently asked questions:

We're not good in front of the camera, can you help us?

Yes. We get this question a lot. No one - except for pro models - is good in front of the camera. People always want natural-looking photos. But how do you achieve that when it's hard to be natural in front of a camera? Ah ha, that is the true skill of any photographer. It's not knowing how to frame and push the camera button, it is knowing how to make people comfortable in order to get 'natural' shots. I always say, look at the photos on my website, everyone looks as though they are having the best time... You will too :)

What should we wear for the photoshoot?

Definitely, try to avoid patterns and designs that are trendy at the moment and will quickly go out of fashion. Keep it plain and classic. Smart or smart-casual… Never too casual. And, no printed brand names.

When is the best time of year to do it?

Luckily, for us, Cape Town always produces nice days, even in winter. But, it really depends on the look and feel you are going for. For example, autumn has different colours than summer.

Can we choose where to do the shoot?

Yes, of course. Or, I can recommend some great spots for photos.

How much do you charge for an engagement photoshoot?

That depends on where you would like to do it. Helderberg area is R2500 and elsewhere in Cape Town is R4000.

What is included in the engagement shoot?

The shoot itself lasts 45-60 minutes. You will receive all the best photos from the shoot.

How do we make a booking?

You can send me a message via my website or by email ( and I’ll send you an invoice. After payment, we will arrange a suitable day for your photoshoot.

The last thing I’ll say on this is that doing an engagement photoshoot is the perfect practise for your wedding day. It gets you familiar with having your photos taken by us and when the big day comes around you are relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. We really notice a big difference between the clients who do an engagement shoot and the ones who don’t when it comes to the wedding. The ones who do are much more confident with it.

Need some inspiration for your engagement photoshoot? Check out some other couples enjoying theirs.

Happy wedding planning :)


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