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Wedding Couple Photoshoot

How to plan for the best wedding photos



Time for Romance



1. The most important thing for your couple photoshoot is that we have you guys alone. Don't have family or friends coming along and watching your photoshoot as this will be a distraction. We want the photos to be all about your love for one another, celebrating the beginning of your journey together, and your focus needs to be on each other. 


As a team of 2 photographers we shoot simultaneously and from different angles. Our approach is very spontaneous and the opportunity to get a shot happens only once, so we can't have people standing in our way or in the background during this time. 


It is your wedding and you can have people come along if you really want to, this is just what we recommend to get the best possible results.


2. The best time for the couple photoshoot is during the 45 minutes leading up to sunset. This is the dream time to get amazing photographs as the light is soft and golden. However, in summer it when the sunset is later it isn't possible to do this before the reception begins. Therefore we would do about 20 minutes of the couple shoot before the reception and then we would jump out again to do the rest at sunset.


3. When doing the couple photoshoot, if necessary, have a pair of comfortable shoes with you. Sometimes to get to a nice shot we might have to climb stairs, walk over grass, etc. So, it is best to be prepared. Bring what you need in a bag and we will carry it.


4. In the summer months, it can be very warm so it is a good idea to take some refreshments, tissues, towels, or whatever you think you may need to remain comfortable throughout the shoot.


 5. If your wedding day is cloudy you may not get a sunset. But the cloud cover will produce soft and even light allowing for great photos. Every cloud has a silver lining :)


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