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'I Do' Want A Great Wedding Ceremony


How to plan your perfect wedding ceremony in Cape Town

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Celebrating Every Step of the Way




1. It is normal to be nervous or excited on your wedding day. Usually when people are they tend to do things faster. Try to take it slow and enjoy each part. When you are getting out of the car, walking down the aisle, putting the rings on, having your first kiss… do it all nice and slow, even kiss two or three times if you want to. This will give us time to get nice shots.


2. If your ceremony is taking place outside, don’t stand to face the sun. The sun will cause shadows on your faces and force you to squint your eyes. Stand with your back to the sun or preferably in the shade if possible. Try to have a clear space around the two of you so the photographers can find the right angles without things blocking our view. This includes having the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen sit down once the ceremony begins. Make sure to have seats reserved for them.


3. Talk with the person who is officiating your ceremony to find out the policy regarding at which point photographs can be taken. Some allow photographers to take photos at any time and others don't. This is something we will need to know in advance. We don't mind as long as you are happy. Tell them what you want so that you get all the photos.


4. If you want the first photos that appear online to be the professional ones that you are paying for then inform your guests not to post photos that they take onto social media.


5. All the modern phones and tablets might seem cool at the moment but in a few years, they will be old technology. If you don't want them in the photos at important times like walking down the aisle or your first dance then inform the guests not to use them at those times.


6. At the end of the ceremony, it is very important to announce to all the guests that there will be a group photo immediately after the confetti so that they are in the right place at the right time and know what is expected of them. This must be don't so that they don't wander away. It is important to be efficient with time so that you get to enjoy every second of your wedding day.

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